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Plug and play meter reading

Depending on their business needs, suppliers of energy and water, like utilities, housing associations and building administrators, require different meter reading solutions.
We offer a variety of automated meter reading and smart metering systems, stretching from handheld devices to long distance networks - cabled or wireless - together with user friendly data management programs.
Kamstrup smart meters for heat, cooling and water, work with a wide range of communication types. This means that customers can select the method of data collection that best suits their meter reading needs.

Meter reading systems


Drive-by Meter Reading

Handheld meter reading via smart phone, USB or handheld terminal. For precise billing and monthly or weekly checks for leaks in the network.


Fixed Network Meter Reading

Automated meter reading via a fixed network with daily or hourly values, network optimisation and customer involvement.


Analysis and Visualization

Full utilisation of meter data with data management, analysis and visualisation of consumption for providers and consumers.

Kamstrup Akıllı Sayaçları

  • Tip:Danışmanlık
  • Yıl:2018
  • İş Sahibi:Kamstrup
  • Lokasyon:Ankara

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